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The LiveMilf wearing a mask but I recognized her anyway

All the hottest stories start by accident. I was looking for a laptop at home, but found a livemilf and started chatting with a masked stranger. It turned out that I not only knew her well, but I often visited her house. Talking with her was the beginning of a new period in my life.

It always happens when a young guy meets his milf live model and she fulfills all his innermost dreams. After all, mature women know what young guys dream of even better than themselves.

Life before dating livemilf kitty

To be honest, before I first got on milf live, mature women rarely turned me on. In my school, the teachers were mostly old ladies, or they were not as pretty.

Sexy mature women, I met not too often. Some of my friends’ moms looked attractive, but I’ve known them since childhood. How can you think about fucking a woman who poured you warm milk and give you cookies in her kitchen?

Although, now I don’t mind at all if livemilf mommy offers me her sweets but I don’t mean cookies anymore. Over time, I tried the pussy-muffins of adult beauties and fell in love with the taste. But, at that time I had only a few girls of my age. We had fun in the back seat of my father’s car, we hugged at the school disco and had petting in a movie.

Watch Live Milf Live Top Online Milf Cams
Watch Live Milf Live Top Online Milf Cams

I found not only a computer but also a new milf live

My computer broke down and I needed to find a working one urgently. I remembered that my father had a laptop in his office for work, but he never gave it to me. I urgently needed to finish the task, I needed only the Internet and the opportunity to work for a couple of hours.

I went down to his office, found a laptop, and turned it on. Nothing unusual, I don’t understand why my father always hid it or closed it when I went to him. But when I opened the browser, everything became clear. A few bookmarked porn sites, links to erotic stories, and his milf live account! It was the one thing that interested me most of all.

I laughed! This is so unlike my father. I can’t imagine him shutting down for work and then jerking off to livemilf girls on the internet. Or reading stories and looking at all those naked titty pics. I could tell you, I’m already at the age when we can safely talk about pussies and sex.

A masked stranger meets me

One of the milf live on the site caught my attention. She wore a Japanese geisha mask with red lips. She had luxurious forms, but I could not see her face. Mysterious beauty with perfect breasts – that’s who I need today!

I decided to spend a few dollars from my father’s account to know exactly how livemilf works and how you can have fun here. She seemed to be waiting for me because she immediately accepted the invitation to chat.

My gaze stuck to her breasts, which I wanted to touch. I decided not to reveal myself just in case. Still, this is my father’s account, who knows which of these models he has already managed to get to know closely.

Familiar room of my livemilf new friend

After a little exciting conversation, she took off her bra. She seemed to want to get rid of her clothes as soon as possible. With her fingers with long nails, she excited her nipples. It turned out that her nipple had been pierced, and a small gold ring glittered on it.

I asked girls of my age many times to send me photos of boobs or ass, but they were terribly embarrassed. And my new acquaintance livemilf shows her naked breasts to the camera without shame. A sex toy appeared in her hands – a large dildo with bulges. She said she likes big sizes.

She applied some lube on dildo, and placed it between her big juicy boobs. So I imagined my penis between these ripe melons! I also decided that the time for embarrassment had passed – I took out a dick and began to slowly masturbate. I didn’t want to rush, I’ll spend my dad’s money on milf live and enjoy it.

Something in her room in the background seemed vaguely familiar to me. I still couldn’t see her face and the room was dark, but I’m sure I’d been there before! She lifted her mask and flirtatiously licked the dildo. Such beautiful lips!

Now I know for sure who this masked milf live is!

Her panties had a slit so she need not take them off. She had no hair on her pussy and I could see everything well. Amazing young hole of a mature woman! If I didn’t know that she was sitting on milf live, I would have said that it was the pussy of a young Beauty.

Our little conversation and dildo play turned her on! She was already wet when she started teasing her pussy with a finger. Her clitoris quickly reacted to caresses, and I watched with bated breath. That’s how mature women do it! Girls sometimes do not even know how to bring themselves to orgasm, but she prepared herself with confident movements.

My eyes fell on the carpet in her room! I squeezed my cock even tighter. I know what room! This is my friend’s house, I have visited them dozens of times. True, always only in his room or in the living room. I went into his mother’s room only a couple of times when we were preparing a birthday surprise for her. It’s the same rug! That’s why the room seemed so familiar to me.

Indeed, his mother was one of those women whom I considered “sexy moms”. Turns out she is the livemilf girlfriend I found. She didn’t see me, so she didn’t recognize me. I never thought of his mother as an object of sexual desire, but how wrong I was!

The show from milf live continues

I didn’t want to tell her that I recognized her. I didn’t want to miss the moment when I saw this hefty dildo in her pussy. Or maybe not only there… She began to insert it into herself, and I was surprised how easily it entered her. I typed that I would like to see another toy but in her ass.

She must have smiled behind the mask. A small vibrator hit her ass, and her hands trembled slightly. It raised the level of her arousal. I liked that the milf live model fulfilled my desires so easily. I was excited over the limit, looking at how these toys stuck out of her holes.

She arched, giving herself pleasure from both sides at once. How I longed to be there to help her. I would replace one of the dildos with my cock. Yes, I was ready for anything at that moment! I would lick every one of her holes with enormous pleasure!

Our conversation with milf live was interrupted in the middle

To my regret, I heard my father return. I had to close the window and quickly slam his laptop. I hid the boner in my pants and left the room. My father saw me and asked what I was doing. I honestly answered that my computer did not work and I wanted to take it for a couple of hours.

My father said that he also had problems with the laptop and could not give it to me. Well, of course, he wants to keep all the livemilfs for himself. Okay, I won’t reveal his secret just yet. Now I wanted to use this information and to get of Mrs. Stone…

Decided to talk to an old friend

A couple of days later I saw her in a cafe. I approached, offered to buy her coffee, and chat a little about her son, who was my friend. Now he is studying in another state. Yes, now I was sure it was her! She had a rather modest jacket, but I recognized those juicy breasts.

She behaved quite normally, told the news, and showed photos. I was dreaming of just sticking my dick in her pretty lips and cum in her mouth. I decided that it was time to open the cards and admit that I was on live milf then.

“That Japanese mask suits you so much, Mrs. Stone,” I said simply.

She opened her eyes wide and stared at me.

“I don’t understand what, what mask?” she blushed.

I leaned back in my chair and enjoyed her embarrassment. Before, on milf live camera, she was much more relaxed than now. I said that we did not finish the conversation, I am very ashamed, but I had to leave urgently.

Mrs. Stone’s proposal

I told her that I wouldn’t reveal her secret livemilf life, and I certainly wouldn’t tell her family. Let this be our little secret. Perhaps I will visit the site to chat in the evenings? I would like to see her show to the end.

She sat silently and looked at me. I asked her if she likes young guys. I saw that she did not know what to do now and how to talk to me. I whispered in her ear that now I masturbate just thinking about her. Twice a day. And maybe more often.

I noticed how her pupils dilated. Can her husband fuck her twice a day? I do not think so. And this mature pussy still needs a hard cock, maybe even every day. I saw her breasts rise and her nipples became visible under the jacket. She got excited.

“We can continue this conversation at my place,” she said suddenly.

I ended up in a live milf room after 15 minutes

We arrived at a familiar home. Of course, her husband works till late evening. She can have fun as she pleases. There was no camera in the room. She must be hiding it.

In this environment, she became much more relaxed than in a cafe. My friend milf live put me on the bed, and she knelt at my feet. I unbuttoned my pants and invited her to play with the new toy as she prefers.

She studied how my cock grew in her hands. So far, she has only stroked it. I felt her breath on my glance. She licked it, and that first touch was bliss. I lay back on the bed, letting her suck my cock any way she wanted.

She took it very confidently. Yes, livemilf knows how to handle cocks! She caressed him with both hands, licking his entire length, lifting my balls with her tongue. I don’t know what she wanted more – to keep quiet about her hobby or to get a young cock at full disposal.

A day in bed live milf was the best of days

She sat on top of me! Her pussy was already very slippery, I didn’t even have to arouse her. It was obvious that she missed the hard young cock. No other girl in my life has tried so hard. She rode on my cock and moaned loudly with her head thrown back.

Mrs. Stone, my live milf, took my hand and placed it on her clit. I was fucking turned on by this and started massaging her pussy. It seemed that I would finish immediately. She understood this and slowed down. She wanted to enjoy my boner much longer.

My livemilf invited me to be on top. I fucked her for 30 minutes, periodically stopping so as not to finish. But, it was torture! She was so wet and turned me on so much that I couldn’t stand it any longer. She let me cum in her pussy.

I began to go to live milf more and more often

That summer I forgot about all the other women. My milf live was always ready to take me into her house and into her holes. I visited her in the afternoon, we fucked, and then chatted for a long time. It was very interesting to talk to her. She didn’t have many men in her married life, but she had enough fantasies for ten.

We tried sex in different positions she showed me. With her husband, she could not try much, because he wanted sex a maximum of 2 times a week. And her hole needed a cock every day. Mature women have special appetites!

She showed me the right way to have anal sex so that a woman would scream with pleasure. I didn’t even know about some tricks, but milf live was a very patient teacher. Soon we learned to feel each other.

The second Japanese mask

Mrs. Stone told me that there would be people who would look at us. I can put on a mask too, and we could do the show together. This thought scared me a little at first. But who can recognize me? There are no piercings or tattoos on my body. And girls are unlikely to watch livemilf entertainment, so I’m safe.

To my regret, a year later they moved to another state. And now I can only date her through milf live, which we continued to do. And we continue till these days. I have a beloved woman, but I definitely do not want to leave my Mrs. Stone.

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