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I became a useful prop in a livemilf model’s live show

I work for a company that sells quality video cameras for every purpose. And I am passionate about my profession, so I can set up any camera so that the client is satisfied. But one day I got a client with special requirements. It was a livemilf model who had to choose a camera and also a good operator who can be trusted.

I saw the everyday life of a webcam model from the inside and even took part in the preparation for the show. An interesting job that brought me not only money but also a new sexual experience. A kinky pussy, her playroom, and hundreds of eyes that yearn to see her real orgasms on camera!

I became a useful prop in a livemilf models live show
I became a useful prop in a livemilf models live show

A new job offer

I have been working with cameras for more than 10 years, and eventually opened my own small online store. In addition, I love directing, filming, and editing good videos. One day my friend asked me to help one of his girlfriends. She needed to pick up the equipment, set it up and help organize the filming.

The standard requirement, but the payment is a completely crazy amount. I immediately thought it was something special.

I came to her in the evening, and a pleasant woman of about 45, dressed in a simple house dress, opened the door. She offered me coffee and a homemade pie, and we looked at the camera catalog. She chose the most expensive models, but constantly avoided answering the question, why does she need cameras?

When the bill passed over $20,000, she saw that I was clearly interested in the client, and I would fight for her. Then she took me to another room, which left me without a word.

The help for experienced milf live costs much

The room was like a sexual fantasy – a bed with a high metal headboard was decorated with several pairs of handcuffs. On the wall, there was a stand with whips, some strange objects, dildos, and all kinds of sex toys.

She told me that she makes a sex show for those who love mature women. There were already several cameras in the room, and I had to test them, add new ones, and work with the lighting.

The bed was well lit, it was clear that professionals had already worked here. I couldn’t help but look at the great variety of dildos and toys she had to offer for clients. Some objects were unfamiliar to me, but I was sure that they had been in her holes many times.

She offered me the setup and maintenance of her equipment, as well as real help during the recording of shows, and live videos. I would be inconspicuous in the frame, but I made sure that her clients saw her pussy literally in the best light. She suggested that I try it now – she would be on the bed, and I would have to make the first adjustments.

Trying myself as an operator for a sexy mom

My employer’s name was Olivia, and she was a very attractive and pleasant woman. Until this day, I did not consider mature ladies as an object for sexual attraction. I think Olivia was the same age as my girlfriend’s mom, whom I was looking at literally as “mom.”

And yet, she was a milf model who filmed for live shows and did private sessions with clients from all over the world. She had a kind open smile, a beautiful face, and sensual lips. Her figure was rather slim, but Olivia could be proud of large breasts and a pretty ass.

To check the camera system, I had to look at the monitor, and she settled herself on the bed. We played with the light, she gave me advice and wishes. But, then she said that her body should look good, so we should check the lighting without clothes.

She threw off her dress without hesitation, leaving herself completely naked in front of me. Each of her nipples was pierced, as well as her navel, and on her clitoris, there was a small, but interesting piercing. On her legs, under the buttocks, there were tattoos of pink bows, and under her breasts, there was an intricate oriental ornament.

Without clothes, she was transformed, becoming not just a mom, but a sexy tigress, whose body was created for pleasure.

Milf Model close up under the lens

She asked me to evaluate the picture on the screen. It seems that her nakedness did not bother her at all. She lay displaying her pussy as if offering it. I felt that my cock was turned on, and it was impossible to hide the boner.

Olivia noticed my cock but didn’t say anything, she just pulled on her nipple piercing. Well, it won’t be easy to work with her. I stepped closer, assessing the prospects for the light. Returned to the monitor when she told me:

“Make sure my vagina is well lit, that’s what they’ll be looking at. The face is not so important to me, it is better to concentrate the lighting here, on my vagina.”

It is clear who was the real actress and star here – her pussy with a sparkling piercing. I immediately thought that when you fuck her, then this little metal ball should touch the dick, giving the man an additional pleasure. Or does it only serve to arouse her more?

I offered to record a short video, she just changed positions, sexually bending and stretching. She liked the image and suggested that I try to go on air for a short test show. Only 30-40 minutes of recording, and I’m free, and in my pocket, there is a good amount of money.

Test recording and my role in it

Olivia quickly put on makeup and changed into a transparent nightgown. I had a glimpse of the sites that she worked with, they were resources for lovers of milfs,, several sites for models at once.

She lay down on her luxurious sofa and asked me to take a test shot. She liked the quality, but she was not in a hurry to start.

“My vagina does not look very nice, I did not have time to prepare for the show. Usually, I use a stimulating cream first, then it becomes like I had sex for a long time. You know, red, a little swollen, wet. I need to get her excited, and if you help, that’s extra money.”

I looked at her, not quite understanding what she wanted. It’s not about the camera setup anymore, does she want me to fuck her? Or lick her pussy just 1,5 hours after we met? Does she offer me money if I make her pussy look great for sale?

She said she could do it herself, but it would be faster with me. How I like it better – tongue, fingers, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that she should be more aroused in the video.

An extra pleasant job of the web model’s assistant

I approached Olivia without any sense of where to begin. For her, it seems, everything was natural, nothing unusual happened. I put my fingers on her clitoris, and with uncertain movements, I began to massage it. My boner was ready, but now I could touch that sweet pussy.

She said that I could use my tongue, so I leaned over and ran my tongue over her labia. She tasted sweet, like a sex lubricant. I began to tickle her clitoris quickly, helping myself with my fingers. Olivia made herself comfortable, giving me complete control over her pussy.

Her vagina began to respond to my caresses, but the milf model was still silent, as I understood, it was not the time to start the live show yet. I completely lost my mind from the taste of her pussy and from all this sexual adventure. She was all wet and slippery, and my fingers fell into this sweet hole.

Olivia moaned loudly and I knew she had come. Can I fuck her now, because it’s wrong that she enjoyed it and I didn’t? But, she immediately said that it was time to get to work – her pussy is ready and so is she.

Members want to see everything

Her first “friend” chatted with her in a private room for a long time, talking about stress at work and problems with his wife. As I understand it, a big part of her job is heart-to-heart talks. Then she offered to calm him down and show him something interesting. They discussed toys for a while and he chose a big black dildo with attachments.

She pretended not to notice me, and I made sure that her workplace was well lit and the cameras worked properly. She was right in front of me, and her excited pussy was looking at me, and I could not look away.

Olivia licked the dildo and pushed it inside herself, accompanied by an excited sigh. She didn’t just fuck herself, she made a whole show out of it. Always at a different pace, she took out the dildo, continuing to arouse herself with her hands, then returned it back. She entered herself from different angles so that the client could see her pussy in all its glory.

The second show I took part in

I came to her place again two days later. She had to go on air again, but this time Olivia met me right away in her work clothes. She was wearing a sexy black bodysuit and stockings.

“One guy is constantly asking me to show something more revealing than usual. And I need… you know, I need a penis for this show to be real. You can just lie down, your face won’t be seen. I’ll do it myself, you don’t even have to move. If you have tattoos, I will make them up, and no one will recognize you. Payment is 2 times more than last time.”

This job is the craziest job I’ve ever had by far. But, I decided to try, because, since our last time, I only dreamed about her cunt, and I wanted to fuck her.

Olivia agreed with the client and called me. I took off my clothes and lay down on the sofa the way she showed me. My face was hidden, and in the foreground – my cock, which began to get up slowly. Olivia lubricated me and began to masturbate with quick, experienced strokes – there was very little time.

I feel like a live show actor

Olivia warned me that I should just lie down and not touch her, or help her. The matter is my dick, which gets into the frame, and her pussy, which they want to see on a real dick. But, I still felt like a superstar at that moment, like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp.

She had sat with her back turned to me, but facing the camera. First, Olivia played with the client, showing how my excited cock rubs against her stomach, against her pubis, then she brought its head to her clit, stroking it. I felt her getting wet.

Her experienced fingers slid over my dick, and I was afraid of only one thing – I will come sooner than she puts on a good show. But, Olivia knew that her caresses excite me. She left my cock to play with her clit piercings.

After a while, she finally strung herself down on my cock, but not completely. She had only the head inside so that the client could see how she fucks herself with a live dick. The hot pussy of this mature Beauty caressed me, and I really wanted her to take him completely into herself.

I remembered that I was not allowed to fuck her, and I was not allowed to move at all, but it was so hard! I wanted to get her whole cunt, fill it completely, and choose the pace at which I would string her on my dick.

A permanent job for the master of cameras

Olivia made her movements faster, caressing my balls and screaming loudly at the same time. We agreed that when I have to finish, I lightly touch her on the back, and she will be able to react in time.

She helped herself with her hands, and I felt the cold ball of the piercing that touched my cock. At some moment, her vagina tightened more, and I realized that Olivia brought herself to orgasm using me. Damn, this feeling pierced me like a lightning, and at the last moment, I managed to poke her with my finger in the back.

Olivia jumped off my cock, pressing it against her pussy. I cummed, but I couldn’t suppress a scream. Oh well, I just had an orgasm like never before, I don’t care if she doesn’t pay me.

After the show, Olivia paid me and said that there were a lot of such requests from livemilf clients, so if I was ready to play the role of her dick, she would sometimes invite me.

Working with Olivia is a real pleasure

I think I understand why so many guys are crazy about Milf themes. Olivia was very pretty, but I was struck by how well she knew her body. She told me exactly what to do to get her aroused in minutes.

She skillfully controlled my cock, not letting me come too fast, and if the show dragged on, she could help me come in a couple of seconds. She loved herself and appreciated her job. There was so much dignity and mature wisdom in her that I almost fell in love.

But still, I was only an attribute for filming, although she was always extremely polite with me. I was waiting for her calls and flew to her as soon as she needed my cock again. We worked great together, and for almost a year now I have been visiting her 2-4 times a week.

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