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From Lisbon with Love: Unforgettable livemilf Mommy

When two people who are so perfect for each other meet, everything else is easy! I was looking for a live milf model who would bring my fantasies to life, and she was a grateful viewer. A real sultry mom from hot Portugal, who has long been waiting for someone like me – young and self-confident.

She loves her job and I love mature pussies. I could not imagine that one visit to milf live would help me finally get the desired satisfaction. Exactly the way I imagined! The most beautiful mature woman on the internet allows me to fuck herself via webcam.

I think I fell in love with her after the first session. I would like to know how my livemilf model treats me, and what she feels. Maybe she also likes exciting conversations and games on camera?

Falling in love with livemilf once and for all is easy!

I love older women! Such juicy sexy mothers and their place is not in the kitchen. They are created for bed and sex. I had several of these types in my city and on business trips. I was looking for them on too.

At first, they do not believe that a young guy can desire them, but then they put their body at my disposal with such fervor that I am afraid for my penis. And if you have not seen how a mature lady comes, then you have not even seen how women can come at all.

So much passion and pleasure on their faces, and so much gratitude for your hot cock. On milf live, they all do it on camera, but you can see that everything is real. Simulating such explosive orgasms – is simply impossible!

Being a livemilf means being crazy desirable

I tried many professions, for a while I even tried to open my own business. But, the lack of education and initial capital made me understand my real situation. I was deceived, thrown, left without a penny.

And I’m what they call Milf – I’m a mommy who still wants to fuck. And I decided to play this card on livemilf. Why not? The manager said that it is not even necessary to undress, many guys just want to chat. But for that matter, I just didn’t feel like talking.

I am a single mom who still wants sex even at 47 y.o. And milf live gave me the opportunity to be a desirable, sexy, playful kitty. Here I get not only money but also satisfaction. And most importantly – I learned to love and pamper myself again.

I get wet in the store when I buy myself new sexy lingerie. And when a young guy on the other side of the milf live screen says that he cummed just looking at my naked boobs, I also experience a long-forgotten pleasure.

I discovered the world of sex toys that helped me finally experience a vaginal orgasm. I had many partners in sex, but they were in a hurry. They only wanted to receive pleasure themselves, but to give it to me – no. Too bad, because I would thank them with my orgasms. On livemilf I was able to find orgasms too!

I wanted my milf live from the first sight

She said that she was 47 years old – the most juice, the most appetizing age for a woman. Sultry hot Portuguese woman with long black hair. She immediately seemed to be an experienced Mommy who knows how to start a conversation. The first couple of minutes on live milf it was a duel – who dominates whom, who leads whom in our dance.

I wanted to see how she satisfies herself, but to direct her movements. And I commanded her, telling her exactly what she should do. I had such a strange feeling that I also felt everything that my milf live experiences on the other side of the camera.

This strange thing happens with a partner with whom you have been fucking for a very long time. But it also happens with strangers, but close to you in temperament. I experienced this sexual union only once in my life on milf live, which completely discouraged me.

Incredible, but livemilf and I feel each other

Her hands almost obeyed my thoughts! At first, she aroused herself with soft slaps on the clitoris. Then I suggested to livemilf to continue, and she already had a dildo in her hands. Continue rhythmically slapping your clit and inserting the dildo into yourself, following the rhythm like a dance.

Speed ​​up the rhythm and don’t think about anything else but the music of slapping on уour wet vagina! I speeded up the rhythm of my hand – my cock responded with a sweet expectation of the end of our dance. I really felt the excitement and pleasure of the live milf.

I told her to get a bigger toy, the biggest one she had. Most important, quickly! So that her pussy does not have time to lose the taste of a cock.

Her aroused vagina felt like it was invaded by something big. It changed her sensitivity, and every cell inside her responded with a sweet languor. The huge black dildo was disappearing into her, and I was mesmerized by how her body could easily take something so huge.

He is the one! Even though I found him on milf live

When he directed my movements to the camera, I was ready to sing with happiness! I finally found a live milf client who knew exactly what I wanted. We were far apart, but he knew! His choice fell on the biggest dildo – the Black Giant. When I bought it, I was warned that not every woman can withstand the attack of the Black Giant.

I felt his fingers on my pussy as he told me exactly how I should caress myself. He is the same age as my son, but he is such a sensual lover! I live in Lisbon and he lives in the States, but it’s like we’re in my bed. When he says he would like to caress my pussy with his lips, I can’t help myself.

After our sessions on milf live, I take a break and caress myself again. He sent me his photo – such a beautiful boy. I would do performances for him for free, I would even buy him a ticket to me if I were bolder. It’s not true that models don’t have fun. We also get excited by fulfilling the desires of our viewers.

First experience with best live milf

After our sensual first date at livemilf, I couldn’t get over it for a long time. My first desire was to book a ticket to Lisbon and fly away there next Saturday. I don’t know how, but I would have found her. To think that this woman has given herself to me completely through the screen, but I can’t get her in reality, and it is painful.

Still, I’m a fool If I think she noticed me. She has a lot of views, which means she does such shows on milf live every day. Every day 10 or 20 customers? How many times does she fuck herself in front of the camera per day? Does she remember who she was with an hour ago?

Of course, flying to her is crazy. Maybe her pussy was not really aroused, she took this huge cock so easily for another reason – she is trained. And yet, I have never had such intimacy with a woman.

I’m searching for someone who will replace my milf live

I continued to chat with her frequently. And we acted out again and again – she fulfilled my desires. She was always so welcoming that one would think she was waiting only for me. After a while, I can only think about my livemilf and decided that this passion is going too far. I remembered some girls with whom I was good in bed.

But now sex had some completely different taste. I went on a date with an old friend. She was a little older than me, and could already be called Milf. Her son recently entered college and moved away, leaving his mother at home alone. That’s where we ended our date at the bar. On her bed, where I was not shy about doing whatever came to mind.

Her body in the dark reminded me of my Portuguese live milf, but it wasn’t her. I could hardly feel what she wanted. I saw that my cock gave her pleasure, but it was somehow selfish. I used her, and she only received from me what she needed – a cure for loneliness and a young dick.

Milf live session that is hard to forget

That day, I turned off the camera earlier than usual. This boy made me experience long-forgotten feelings. This is how my husband was when we were young. He touched me and we both sighed in pleasure. We felt each other’s pleasure and it made our sex so hot.

Then I could not even imagine that my destiny is milf live and random men who want to watch my show. More than 20 years ago, we were young people who devote any free moment to sex.

A session with my young livemilf client reminded me of those times. But, even if he liked it, he is unlikely to remember me for a long time. There are so many beautiful women on the site that are easy to try. Why would anyone get hung up on one model when you can get them all?

I think about him, pick up the dildo and close my eyes. I want to give myself to him right now, and my desire does not decrease. I can give myself to him in this way too. I think I fell in love with my milf live client, even if I saw him only once in the photo!

A new date with livemilf

One day when we were chatting, I asked to see her pussy close up. I wanted to see it all! She had a rather large clitoris, which, from excitement, also increased in size. He reminded me of a small penis, how funny it is.

My milf live skillfully played with it, with quick movements bringing herself to a quick orgasm. I knew that these were just games because her real orgasm is the stimulation of the vagina. She turned out to be one of those happy women who cum after every sex.

I even confessed to her that she occupies all my thoughts after my first visit to her in the milf live room. I don’t think she believed it, but it was the absolute truth. When we weren’t talking or having fun on camera, I masturbated remembering her pussy.

When she did not fulfill my desires in reality, I imagined what else I could order her to do with her body. Sometimes I realized that at that moment she was talking or fucking with some other client. I could only masturbate to my fantasies.

I became addicted to a milf live pussy

Looks like I really got it! I tried to meet other women from my city, met some for one night during business trips. We had a good time, but it was only 30% of the happiness that I experienced in sessions with my live milf!

Now I have an envelope with a ticket to Lisbon on my desktop. I haven’t told her anything yet, I think it will be the start of a whole new story. I really don’t care what she does there or how she makes a living. Either her juicy pussy will be mine, or I will never be able to look at women again.

I decided to fuck my milf live even if it will be the last woman I will fuck in my life! Her pussy will be mine! For some reason, it seems to me that she will not refuse a real meeting after all these hours with me. I can feel live milf and I know that she is secretly waiting for me too!

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